Plankton dynamics

Early development of Arctic copepods

Signe Jung-Madsen Ph.D. project. National Environmental Research Institute Aarhus University

Supervisor: Torkel Gissel Nielsen, DTU Aqua, Denmark and Peter Grønkjær, Aarhus University, Denmark.

The goal of my study is to investigate how global change might affect early development of three co-occurring Calanus species. Calanus hyperboreus and Calanus glacialis are typical Arctic species whereas Calanus finmarchicus is associated with Atlantic waters. During this study I will investigate and compare temperature responses in basal physiological rates of the three species in order to evaluate how a rise in temperature will affect future species composition of the Arctic Calanus.

The project is two parted. There is a laboratory part where development is followed in nauplii cultures and respiration rate is measured at different temperatures and a field part, where nauplii abundance, distribution and in-situ growth are followed during spring and early summer here in the Disko Bay area.

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