ID-photography of bowhead whales

Changes in the individual composition of bowhead whales Balaena mysticetus in Disko Bay, Western Greenland, using ID-photography

By Louise Jensen

The aim of my bachelor project is to assess how ID photos taken from vessels can be used to identify natural marked individuals of bowhead whales. I am going to organise the ID-photos from 2010 and 2011 in a catalogue and reidentify individuals. The data will be used to describe how the population in Disko Bay is changing within the season from February to May.

These pictures illustrate how the bowhead whales can be reidentified by natural marks. The whale was seen to times on March 31 2010.

Bowhead whale seen on the 31st of March at 10 am. Photo: C.Ilmoni

The same whale an hour later. Photo: C.Ilmoni



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