Bowhead whale acoustics staff 2012

Outi Tervo

Role in the project: Project coordinator. My responsibilities include the collection of the acoustic recordings and biopsy samples, data analysis and publication of the data.

Why do I have this role? I have just finished my PhD degree on the acoustic behaviour of bowhead whales but there are a lot of questions that we still wish to answer. I have collected acoustic recordings from bowheads here in Disko Bay since 2003.

First time in Greenland? No, I have lived here in Qeqertarsuaq since 2005.


Mads Fage Christoffersen

Role in the project: Helping Outi in designing data collection. I am responsible of the acoustic recordings and collection of biopsies. In addition, I take care of safety in the field as well as building and maintaining the equipment.

Why do I have this role? I have worked with bioacoustics for the past 15 years, mainly with sperm whales and killer whales. I have experience in sailing, building hydrophones, boats and engines.

First time in Greenland? No, I have lived in Qeqertarsuaq since 2008.


Mikkel Sinding

Role in the project: My main task is to handle and preserve the biopsy samples we collect during the season. In addition, I am responsible for the collection of ID-pictures of biopsied individuals and will assist in biopsy sampling and in the collection of acoustic data.

Why do I have this role? I am writing my MSc thesis (speciale) of bowhead whale genetics and am here to collect samples for my own research as well as to help with the project in general.

First time in Greenland? Yes but not the last time.


Aningaaq Dahl

Role in the project: I’m the driver of one of the research boats and in addition I collect biopsies.

Why do I have this role? Since I was 13 I  have been interested in hunting and therefore I have been out sailing a lot and I know the waters off Disko Island.

First time in Greenland? No, I was born in Greenland and live in Qeqertarsuaq.


Camilla Ilmoni

Role in the project: I am here to help Outi with the project, and my main responsibility is to take photo-ID pictures of the bowhead whales and to create a photo-ID catalogue.  My other tasks are to create maps for publication (whale sighting positions and movement tracks), photograph and document Outi’s field work, and to maintain this blog.

Why do I have this role? I have previous experience from sperm whale photo-ID projects and I have also worked a lot with GIS  modelling in earlier projects.

First time in Greenland? No, I have been two times in Greenland and Qeqertarsuaq!

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