Posted by: Team - Bowhead whale | March 2, 2015

Listening to radio

Early in the morning at the high tide we arrived at the cliffs and what did we see – the lost tuk from yesterday!! It had frosen upright into the ice and Laia could pick it up easily like a flower.

The ice was indeed corporating better today than yesterday and with no difficulty Laia was able to deploy the hydrophone and the ground cable into the sea. But up at the lighthouse problems started. Instead of hearing just whale singing we were hearing a lot of radio. We tried everything we could think of from uncoiling the hydrophone, changing that to a new one to grounding each of the pieces of equipment to the main ground cable – but nothing could take away the news, the weather forecast and the greenlandic music.

The national radiostation offers a variety of programs.

The national radiostation offers a variety of programs.

Tomorrow thanks to brainstorming with Christian we will try isolating the power and signal distributor box with metal mesh and grounding that. Hopefully it will do the trick.