Posted by: Team - Bowhead whale | February 28, 2015

Good recordings from Qaqqaliaq

Weather is very good; sunny and not windy.

Our office on the cliffs. Photo: L. Agusti

Our office on the cliffs. Photo: L. Agusti

Laia went to Qaqqaliaq to make some recordings with the hand held setup, together with Trine and Christian (Trine wants to write a about our research and she wants to take pictures + experience a normal day of fieldwork). This fits very well so Laia can proceed with the plan of getting new recordings.

There were no holes in the ice so we made one by throwing the tuk like a spear attached to a rope through the ice. It was very difficult to aim the hydrophone into such a small hole but after many trials and very cold hands Laia manage to score the hydrophone into the hole.

There are bowheads and the sound is very good. Because of the quite environment we are now recording at 30 dB gain instead of 20 dB.

Skærmbillede 2015-02-28 kl. 14.16.20

A new song from 2015.