Posted by: Team - Bowhead whale | April 9, 2012

A different sea – The ice is breaking up and drifting apart

After two months with ice covered sea the ice suddenly broke up on Easter Sunday at midday.  Watching from the window in the morning we could see a fisherman and his dog on their way back from tending their net, they walked happily on the ice covered sea. At noon swell started, wind picked up and in the evening the view from the window was blue sea and white icebergs, and at the same time we could for the first time hear the sound of waves.

Morning picture from our living room: A fisherman (Finn Steffens) walking on the ice covered sea on his way back from his fishing gear. Photo: M. Christoffersen

Evening picture from the same position and direction: Now the same area is open for sailing. Photo: M. Christoffersen

Today Monday we have prepared the second dinghy to go out and when whether is fair we will start ID photo sessions. We have checked the Qaqqaliaq array also to see if the ice have carried the hydrophones away like it happened in 2007 but both hydrophones were fine and several whales were heard and seen.