Posted by: Team - Bowhead whale | April 2, 2012

Hydrophone array on the ice

The two hydrophone array in Qaqqaliaq lighthouse has exceeded all our expectations and has been running smoothly since we started it in February. Our hopes of making 4 channel recordings from the lighthouse though crashed to an unidentified noise source which we could not a) identify and b) get rid off. Luckily the stable sea ice, that we have had plenty of this winter, proved to be an excellent platform for array recordings.


Setting up the array on the ice was both cold (due to an icy wind) and sweaty (due to thick ice combined with an unsharp icedrill). Luckily we had Malene and Laila with us to help. Photo: L. Kofoed Espersen


Stable sea ice has opened new possibilities this year. A lead in the ice saved us from making new holes for our hydrophones - very practical. Photo: L. Kofoed Espersen


After fiddling with the cables the system was finally working and we could hear the whales. Photo: L. Kofoed Espersen