Posted by: Team - Bowhead whale | March 20, 2012

First ID pictures

One of the many bowhead whales in the ice viewed from Qaqqaliaq and photograph with a strong tele lens. Photo: O.Tervo

Maintaining the recording equipment as usual gave us today the opportunity to get the first ID picture of the season. There is still too much ice for sailing but the whales are in the area navigating in the leads and cracks in the ice. Temperatures are still below – 15 and a light breeze today made the chill factor well below -25. Anyway, the chance of getting the pictures made us wait for more than an hour on the cliffs which finally paid off.

After 50 minutes the waitng paid off - a bowhead whale was close enough for registering (ID-picture) the little marks and scars on it. Note one in the front and two scars on the back. Photo: O. Tervo