Posted by: Team - Bowhead whale | March 16, 2012

Polar bear in the Kangerluk fjord

Mikkel using a tuk (spear like tool) to make a hole in the ice for our hydrophone. The ice was 30 cm thick. Photo: O. Tervo

Mikkel and Outi drove with a snowscooter to the beautiful Kangerluk fjord 40 km North from Qeqertarsuaq. The aim was to make recordings of bowhead whales at the mouth of the fjord but due to a logistic problems (I (Outi) forgot a cable) we never managed to get any. On the other hand the trip was wonderful and we were lucky to see the foot prints of a young polar bear. The bear had been in the nearby village of Kangerluk but even if stayed overnight in a small hunters hut hoping to get a glimpse of this majestic animal, the bear did not show himself.

Tracks of a young polar bear in Kangerluk. Photo: O. Tervo