Posted by: Team - Bowhead whale | February 26, 2012

Plenty of sound coming to the hydrophone but still only few whales observed

The recording station is running permanently and sound data including whale song is stored 24/7 -as long as we do not pull out the cables on departure as we did 5 days ago. Some whales have been sighted close to shore but most have been seen 10 -12 nautical miles to the south in difficult ice and wind conditions.

After 2 months without any supply ship the freigther Pajuttat  enter our harbour on Thursday afternoon the 23rd of February and after deloading and loading left again on Friday at noon. But on Friday midnight Pajuttat was still visible as the ship was caught in some ice squeezing the ship so hard that it  got stuck. The whole of Saturday  the ship was stuck. Finally around midnight midnight 25-26 February a trawler came to rescue and on Sunday morning the horizon was again only showing icebergs.

Freighter Pajuttat stuck in the ice. Photo: M. Sinding

The trouble with the ice is that it moves and some areas can be open for some hours and then when the tide changes the ice moves and blocks the passages that were open a while ago.

On the Bowhead whale Projekt we are preparing our boats/dinghys to go out, but we hope that ice situation will be a little more easy before we start.