Posted by: Team - Bowhead whale | January 4, 2012

Preparations for field season

Our house buried in snow. Photo: M. Christoffersen

Field season starting when everything is frosen dark and difficult.

As January 2012 arrived,  preparations started to get gear ready for another field season.

Snow is covering everything.  First thing was to dig out the snowscooter. It is old and weary and some love and tender care was needed to get it running. Actually the first tour on Jan 3 we walked to Qaqqaliaq as the snowscooter was covered in snow. But now it has been fixed.

Our snowscooter buried in snow. Photo: M. Christoffersen

...and the engine room of the snowscooter buried in snow. Photo: M. Christoffersen

Also the hydrophones have been checked the recorder and amplifiers have got new batteries -flotation suits -big boots – waterproof mobile telephone – and warm gloves are again in working order. Next step will be to start up the fixed array at Qaqqaliaq. Winter is of good quality this year – temperatures are constantly around minus 15 at daytime and dropping to minus 20 at night. Day and night is still different even though we have not seen the sun for more than a month. But in a few days it will climb over the horizon and at midday we can the sky turning pink and orange to the south.