Posted by: Team - Bowhead whale | December 1, 2011

Scientific progress in the project

Although we have not been out on the field nor updating this block since last June, the project has not been standing still.

Louise Normann Jensen, our bachelor student from last year defended her bachelor project in August on bowhead whale ID-pictures with style. Dr. Lee A. Miller from the University of Southern Denmark was the opponent in her exam.

Outi defended succesfully her PhD degree on the 28th of August. The committee included chairman PhD Peter Rask Møller, University of Copenhagen, and opponents PhD Marianne Rasmussen, Univeristy of Iceland, and Dr. Christopher W. Clark, Cornell University.

Since then both Louise and Outi presented results in the 19th Biennial Conference on Marine Mammalogy in Tampa Bay, Florida.

One of the highlights of the trip to Florida was an excursion out to Crystal River to see the manatees. Photo: P. Mäkeläinen