Posted by: Team - Bowhead whale | June 10, 2011

To Canada and the blog will be hibernating

In a few days the hydrophones will be taken in, very little is heard  now and bowheads are becoming fewer in Diskobay. During autumn we will look more into the data and compare high and low singing activity with the observations of bowheads . Already now we have a strong impression that the previously  results from comparing song versus silence still is holding true ( see earlier post). Outi is about to leave on a research boat bound for Melville Bay and Lancaster Sound. She will do  sound recordings all the way and will be doing visual observation to register Bowheads.  If you want to read more about Outi´s trip northward follow the ships log at  Oceans North After her tour she will be go to Denmark for her final exam.

The blog will now be less active until next winter/spring .

But before we go into hibernation we would like to give away a little inspiration.


A travel agency with a lot of experience and  a boss who have lived here on Disko island.

Ask for Mette.

Transport around in Disko Bay in the summer  is by Disko Line. In winter only helicopter operated by Air Greenland

Staying If you find the area interesting you can go here to stay at the local hotel -Hotel Disko operated by Lyngmark Tours .  Or the Fox hostel. Run by Vagn Iversen

You can also stay at the campsite in the summer period.

Read about research on mammals and sounds

See marine mammals seals dolphins- harbour porpoises- in Finland, Sweden , Norway and Denmark





Search for dolphinarium.


Arctic Whale Tours in Stø.


Reading Three books with  a historical timespan  will give you an impression of the area One from recent time is : Disko the Blue Bay- from Ivars Sillis a fantastic photo book. It is available in English . Buy it here:

The other is: Langt Borte  Meaning  Far away. It is written by Lise Barfod  a lady living in the town 60 years ago. It  is filled with beautiful drawings some from the Arctic Station in a almost forgotten time. Langt  Borte is with Danish text. Contact the daughter of the writer  mail  Aase Friis visited the station in spring see older post.

Finally Arktisk Station 1906-2006 edited by Lone Bruun gives a  comprehensive Danish  description  100 years of  research and plenty of photos around Arktisk Station and Disko Island.

Buy it from Arktisk Station : Gitte Henriksen