Posted by: Team - Bowhead whale | June 7, 2011

Dead Bowhead towed away from trout fishing area

Early in April a Bowhead was found dead by the team of researchers led by Mads Peter Heide Joergensen. The whale was entangled in a line of crab fishing cages looking like big lobster pots. Often these are linked 10 or 15 cages together with a total weight of several hundred kilos.

The whale was stuck outside a summer camp and fishing ground and had been dead for more than one month when the city council asked the skipper of Maja S to tow it out of Disko Bay. A messy and smelly job.

Anyway the whale was send of to its final destination and along the route the crew of the boat observed plenty many live bowheads and the first humpback of the summer.

The first humpback whale of the year. Photo: F. Steffens