Posted by: Team - Bowhead whale | May 18, 2011

Finally a day at sea

As earlier observed and reported the singing activity of the bowheads is declining from the beginning of May. A smart reader would ask isn’t it just related to the fact that whales are moving out of the area? But is seems like there is still many animals in the area. On Friday afternoon we went out in two small boats to do observations and ID photos. We had visitors on the boats from UNIS on Svalbard, Jørgen, who is conducting research at AS on copepods. Also another researcher from DTU, namely Magnus Bohr a great grandson of a Danish mathematician Harald Bohr, was helping out on the boats.

Aningaaq and Jørgen very close to a bowhead whale. Photo: M. Christoffersen

From our home windows Outi was directing us towards the first bowhead only a few nautical miles from the hydrophone at Qaqqaliaq. We got some pictures but the sun was making the most beautiful reflections and glare. Unfortunately this is the recipe for art pictures and absolutely no good for ID pictures. Anyway we put a picture of the Arktisk Station dinghy and a whale tail to this post. Later on the same day we checked out a semicircle of approximately 6 nm radius from AS and we did see whales but always in the distance. So they are still here even though we only here them very infrequently on the listening post at the lighthouse.

Ice sculpture. Photo: M. Christoffersen