Posted by: Team - Bowhead whale | April 22, 2011

Negotiating ice

After a  lot of fiddling with cables and climbing up and down the steep Qaqqaliaq cliffs it looks (sounds) like we finally have got the second hydrophone running . A ground cable, the red thin cable, running from the recording station and down into the water, was broken. We assume ice has torn it apart. Next thing was to connect the second hydrophone + preamp- and finally to make new settings in the recording computer. All simple task in a cosy warm office/lab,  but is has taken us three attempts before the second hydrophone was up and running . This morning Friday the  22  April we hope to have 24 hours of  stereo recordings.

Hydrophone cable (black) and ground cable (new and old in red) running down the cliffs and ice foot into the sea.

After fixing hydrophone cables Thursday we went out at sea. From the faint whales song heard at  hydrophones we believed the whales to be far away. The dinghy had to negotiate quite a  lot of ice and finally we were out -only to observe no whales.

Aningaaq scouting for whales. Sunshine and high spirits. Photo: M. Christoffersen

Local hunters had seen nothing so we tried to go south as hunters had gone west. Some hours later only one seal had been spotted and we turned back towards land. Land was now packed in ice and finding a way in took considerably more time than finding a way out.

The only marine mammal spotted. Photo: M. Christoffersen

The way home blocked by ice. It would have almost been easier to walk home than sail. Photo: M. Christoffersen