Posted by: Team - Bowhead whale | April 13, 2011

Breathing hole of a bowhead whale

Finally the ice was thick enough to drive on – half of the town is out on the ice fishing cod or setting out long lines for greenlnadic sharks and wolf fishes! For air breathing marine mammals the problem is opposite where increasing sea ice forces them to find the last leads or to break the ice.

Outi and Erik driving on the ice. Photo: E.Christoffersen

For bowhead whales the ice we think is thick does not seem to be problem. On the ice we found a breathing hole made be one. The hole itself was tiny so propably the whale has just exposed its blowhole to the fresh air.

Erik standing next to a breathing hole made by a bowhead whale. Photo: O.Tervo

The ice which the whake had broke was 18 cm thick. Photo: E.Christoffersen