Posted by: Team - Bowhead whale | March 30, 2011

Whales in the ice

Now we are experiencing winter.


Bowhead whale breaking the ice. Photo: L. Jensen

Temperatures have been down to minus 22 and  a high pressure has stabilised the weather for a period. The low temperatures is giving us sea ice and for 10 days we have been walking on ice inside the harbour but also on big areas of floating sea ice far away from land. Bowheads seems to thrive in these conditions they  surface in small leads or just break the ice up to 25 cm thickness and there they stay while calmly breathingwith only the  snorkel like extension on there back lifted up through the ice. In this position they are difficult to observe .

Mads parked on an ice plate. Photo: L. Jensen

We have tried to drive the boat up on the ice and then walk on the big ice floats to get a good picture but none of us dared to take the risk of leaving  more than a couple of meters from the safety of  boat.

Louise venturing out on the ice. Photo: M. Christoffersen