Posted by: Team - Bowhead whale | March 16, 2011

Problems with ice

Windy and snowy weather has hindered us in doing fieldwork and besides that, the ice in the harbour had spread, so our boats were solid frozen to the sea ice. We got some strong divers to help us and went to the harbour equiped with ice tooqs and showels to dig the boats free.  Jesper, one of the divers, claimed to be a new beginner in using the tooq but very soon we could see that he was lying. Jesper could have easily freeed the boats by himself. Few more hours and the whole harbour would have been free of ice.

It was hard work (for most of us) and took quite some time to break the ice along the sides of the boat so that we could rock them carefully free. Afterwards we had to drag the boats on the ice to the ice edge which luckily was not too far.

Martin, Jesper and Mads pushing our boat. Photo: L. Jensen

The boats left fine boat prints to the ice.


Where the boats used to lie. Photo: L. Jensen