Posted by: Team - Bowhead whale | March 12, 2011

Breaking ice

Finally a sort of a calm day, bowhead whales seen from the station just outside, and we could not wait any more. Mads and Helge had already launched Mads´s boat in the little Oqqussaq (Upernavik) harbour and all we needed was to get the Arktisk Station´s boat into free water from the main harbour. Pulling the boat up to the pear and further on the road towards Oqqussaq was not an option at low tide so we got help from a local fishing kutter that started to break the ice in the harbour and towards the opean sea.

Maja S in summerwaters Maja S is an old Danish expeditionboat. Photo M.Christoffersen

It was a slow and heavy business. The ice was strong where it didn´t need to be ( such as at the direction where we wanted to sail) and very weak where it would have helped (such as where Mads was walking). Other boats desperate to get out of the harbour joined our caravan and finally we all reached the ice edge.