Posted by: Team - Bowhead whale | March 8, 2011

ID-pictures of the first bowhead whales

This morning we got up early in order to sail out ot the sea and to take ID photos of the whales and to hopefully record the song of 2011. Unfortunately, over night the main harbour of Qeqertarsuaq had frozen so much that the boats could not get out. Therefore people began moving their boats over land to another harbour on the south side of the town, but they had to wait for the high tide to launch the boats.

Waiting at the Station we enjoyed the sight of 4-5 bowhead whales at the sea off the Station. They swam at different distances to land and we saw many times whales showing their flukes.

At last, in the afternoon the boats were ready to departure. Most part of the time the whales were diving and when they came up they only stayed at the surface for a very short period. Anyway we got the first ID pictures of the season.

The first bowhead whale of the season. Photo: L. Jensen