Posted by: Team - Bowhead whale | February 26, 2011

Back in the Ice office!

Once again we have set out to listen for whales. This time a party of VIP  guests from the board of Arktisk station joined us and we hoped so much to hear AND see bowheads. Weather conditions have been a challenge and Saturday was no different, as we headed out from Arktisk Station on 3 snowscooters snow was in our eys . Positioned on  the cliffs of The- Outlook/Qaqqaliaaq  we realized that the sea had frozen overnight.

Bringing board of the Arctic Station to Qaqqaliaq. Photo: L. Jensen

The hydrophone was out and again a faint call from a bowhead was heard. But still no sightings of whales. Back in town we checked on the dinghy and truly it is stuck in ice. New day

The new and frozen scenery from Qaqqaliaq. Photo: L. Jensen

will bring us new challenges!