Posted by: Team - Bowhead whale | February 17, 2011

Quiet sea

For once it was a calm day and even the sun showed itself.  Mads and I took the dogs out to Qaqqaliaq to make recordings of the bowhead whales.  Just before we set off a minor war broke out when Otso, a young and very strong male, decided to challenge the alfa male of the pack, Sputnik. Sputnik could have handled Otso by himself (and maybe a little bit of help from us) but then Otso´s brother Laika decided to join the battle and help his brother and Sputnik was cornered without a chance. Mads and I had to pull overselves together to get the fighting dogs separated before Sputnik would be badly hurt. He did suffer some wounds to his leg, paw and forehead but was ok to join the ride. We think that Sputnik still is the alfa male despite the minor beating he took today. Atleast the bitches seem still to think that he is on top.

Mozillla, Laika and Sputnik resting after the ride to Qaqqaliaq.

Well, this was the only peace of animal behaviour we have witnessed today. The sea was quiet apart from the low rumbling of the swell and the high pitch buzzing of outboard engines from hunters boats. There were plenty of hunters out and about today – a calm day after I don´t know how many weeks and everybody seemed to be out. There are apparently lot of narwhals around and maybe during the weekend we will make a listening trip early in the morning to get a chance to hear them.

Mads with the sledge after we got all the dogs calmed down.