Posted by: Team - Bowhead whale | February 15, 2011

Lookout at sea Lookout in spectrogram

Still no observation of the Bowheads.

More than a week have passed since we heard two bowheads from the cliffs of Qaqqaliaq.

We have made more than one attempt to get a new recording but weather have been to bad.

Then Monday Mads had to  go to Kangerluk (Situated in Diskofjord west of Qeqertarsuaq)  by boat .. A sharp lookout was kept as floating ice is a major danger. After 2 times 32 nm and 10 hours of motorsailing a lot of ice was spottet but no whales at all.

 To keep our spirits up we have posted a spectrogram of the whales heard on Sunday 6 februar.

Spectrogram from the first Bowheads of 2011 in the Disko area