Posted by: Team - Bowhead whale | February 8, 2011

Searching for a Bowhead!

After almost a week with wind and constant snow, the weather on Sunday afternoon turned out more friendly. Plenty of clothes – the bag filled with hydrophone gear  the  snowscooter  started and of we went. Only petrol was not filled and we  had to ask Finn, Niels and John to bring us petrol halfway on the tour. Then away again this time more prepared.

Out on the Qaqqaliaq things looked better than last week, still snow and a lot of ice on the rocks but less wind, and thereby less noise in the sea.  As soon as the hydrophone was in the water the deep tone of a bowhead whale was heard.

Outi in the office at Qaqqaliaq listening to the first bowhead whale of 2011. Mads is behind the camera.

We never saw it, and to judge the distance with one hydrophone is difficult/impossible.   The sea and ice kept on making a lot of noise but a bowhead whale has now been heard for the first time in the season. Until now the hunters have only been out very little due to the bad weather so we have not heard of any visual observations.

Even if the sun is up already the days are still short. Photo: Mads