Posted by: Team - Bowhead whale | January 31, 2011

Last day of January –First day of field season.

After more than 6 month with most biology work linked to the desk and the laptop Monday the 31 was the first real field day . As normal in january weather was crap and there were no chance at all to get a hydrophone in the water.  Anyway we went to  Qaqqaliaq on two snowscooters  for visual observation and to make a snowscooter trail. No whales were seen but just to get started is always a happy feeling (The climate was close to climate in the movie ¨Happy feet¨).

From now on we will regularly update the blog again and hopefully very soon with some whale observations.  Local hunters know that we are looking for Bowheads and will tell us soon as whales are seen in the Disko bay area.

Mads and John and a lot of ice. Outi is behind the camera.



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