Posted by: Team - Bowhead whale | July 22, 2010

Few pollinators on Pyrola today

Few pollinators visited our Pyrola plants today – a single fly or three got attracted but  only sat watching us from the outside, as if it didnt know abot flowers, bees and sex. For quarter of an hour, we watched if anything approached our Pyrola minor, P. grandiflora and hybrids at different sites.

Last year we didnt see any pollinators on the plants, either. So perhaps the plants are pollinated when we are not there, self-pollinating, or they rely on sending out vegetative runners underground, which seem to be able to spread far.

Strange, because when one looks carefully in the vegation, there are lots of dry capsules from last year, with nice small slids on top  from where the seeds have dispersed – if they have. But why should the plants produce capsules if there are no seeds?

So the Pyrolas still keep their inner secrets secret… No showing off their sex life … decent plants.

So another thing we do now is to collect stigmas, to inspect if the flowers have recieved pollen, anyway. And we collect other stigmas to see if the pollen has germinated into the stigma and style of the flowers. But that we can only do when we return homes, as it requires a special microscope.



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