Posted by: Team - Bowhead whale | May 19, 2010

Silent bowhead whales

It has been a while since we last sailed out but luckily the whales were as easy to find as last time – just outside Arctic Station we found 7-10 individuals. There were lot of kittiwakes, fulmars and different gulls circling around them and we are guessing that the whales were occupied in feeding. We saw a lot of shallow dives and half way performed “reversed bananas” which refers to a movement where the whale lifts its head and fluke at the same time arching its body.

Bowhead whale heading towards our boat. Photo: O. Tervo

We had the pleasure of having one of the board members of the Arctic Station, Poul Møller Pedersen,  on a visit and he joined us out in the field.

Poul enjoying the midnight light. Photo: O. Tervo

After succesful ID picture session we deployed the hydrophone having 6-8 whales closer than 200m from us. We should hear them for sure if they were going to vocalise. But no, all we could hear was ice breaking into pieces and the engines of a  fishing boat and some dinghyes. Propably local men hunting seals on this calm night.

A curious ringed seal pup. Photo: O. Tervo


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