Posted by: Team - Bowhead whale | April 30, 2010

Vulcanic activity on Disko???

The vulcanic spot seen as red and black zones about 30 m from the sea level. Photo: L. Tervo

It was a difficult climb up to the spot (excluding the one who was small and Spanish). Photo: L. Tervo

Morten examining the site - "it smells like rotten eggs". Photo: L. Tervo

Strange smoke coming directly from the mountain side was oberserved by some local hunters yesterday on the 29th of April. Very soon the whole town was curious about this “new little vulcano”. Together with the whale tagging team we sailed out to see the place. Today we sailed out with R/V Porsild as a whole team in order to collect rock samples and see closer what was happening. We are missing a geologist at the station right now but we expect to hear soon from Copenhagen an explanation for this observation.

Tired but happy expedition members gathering their strength on the deck of R/V Porsild. Photo: L. Tervo



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