Posted by: Team - Bowhead whale | April 26, 2010

Singer who escaped

Just when I said that we are back in our old methods, listening and monitoring the changes in acoustic behaviour of the whales, we found a whale singing close to our boat in the vicinity of Sinifik, this time east from Qeqertarsuaq.  Although Aningaaq was swiftly ready with the biopsy crossbow and  arrow, the singer was quicker and dived before he managed to shoot a biopsy of him or her. We followed the whale for almost an hour but never got close enough to collect the biopsy and finally we lost it somewhere between the icebergs. The whale was singing a new song again and in the distance we could hear yet another whale singing an other new song. I think that we have 5 different songs from this season by now.

Listening to the singer. Photo: L. Tervo

Furthermore, it was once again confirmed how surprisingly difficult it is to get the hood of your anorak up when sailing full speed while it is surprisingly easy to get entangled into the strap of your camera while trying to do so.



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