Posted by: Team - Bowhead whale | April 18, 2010

Soon heading for home?

Rock Ptarmigan from “Blæsedalen, Qeqertarsuaq”. Photo: F. Bergan

The last days, the weather has not been to good here, but still I have had some hikes to find samples from new sites.  Anyway the collection of samples should now be sufficient.

At the beginning of this week I broke the wire on my ski binding on a trip.  My return back with one loose ski was clumsy (a bit Danish-like ?).  However the repair of the wire was not clumsy and made by the Dane Mikkel, thanks ! The great experience on that trip, though, was that on my way back I saw the white Gyrfalcon (Falco rusticolus).  It made some turns just outside “Apostelfjeldet” and then headed westwards. The Gyrfalcon, together with the Polar Fox (Alopex lagopus) are two of the main predators on the Rock Ptarmigan.

Rock Ptarmigan snow refuge with plenty of pellets. Photo: F. Bergan

Well, soon my stay here is over and it has been a really nice experience, both doing my own work and to taste the fieldwork that is done in some of the Bowhead projects.  Not the least I have felt very welcome, thanks!

My plane home should leave on Monday, but ashes and smoke from the bursting volcano on magma-made Iceland seems to stop air traffic.  Perhaps I will have to work myself home on a freight ship. Hopefully I’m home by midsummer.



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