Posted by: Team - Bowhead whale | April 17, 2010

Successful tagging season

The first winter dive data from a bowhead whale show that it was diving down to ca. 180 meters many times per day and that it tells us that the whales are targeting copepods that are hibernating in large swarms at the sea bed. The data were collected from a dive recorder that was out on the whale for a week whereafter it was released and could be picked up at by the hunters that are assisting us. The large amount of open water this winter gave us a good opportunity for collecting this kind of data that are otherwise hard to obtain if there is lots of sea ice. We have three more dive recorders out on whales and we are hoping to collect them soon.

Dive profile of a bowhead whale.

The map shows where the whales are at the moment in Disko Bay. The green signs represent the latest positions from the whales we have tagged this year in Disko Bay. Two whales have already left the bay and moved to Canada. That is very early and usually the whales stay in the bay until late May. Most of the whales are still in the bay and they are primarily found west of the little group of islands at the entrance to the bay. We expect that there will come a new pulse of whales that go closer to the coast before the season is over.

Movements of tagged individuals.



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