Posted by: Team - Bowhead whale | April 14, 2010

Crossbearings and slight singing

When we sailed out on Saturday the landscape had changed totally. We had got used to ice free open sea with only few large icebergs but now the sea is full of tiny and middle sized pieces of ice. This makes it very hard to find and follow the whales. Despite this new challenge we prepared to listen from two dinghies and could hear two whales singing. The other one was strong and probably near by but we had too few minutes to make a reliable cross bearing before the whale stopped singing. And we never heard it again. Instead we tried to find the other, distant singer but this whale was too far away and eventually we lost track of it.

Maybe the singer? Photo: C. Ilmoni

RV Porsild was also out the same day with our divers and they had few whales close but these were not singing. It seems like the singing season is coming to its end – there are whales around although fewer and we hear less and less singing.

The second close encounter of the day. Photo: C. Ilmoni



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