Posted by: Team - Bowhead whale | April 14, 2010

Changing visibility determine the results of the underwater cameramen

After our first attempts at approaching the whales, we have now had better succes at getting footage of their sides and front. As always only short sequences of 10-20 seconds, as the whales are very shy. Lately, the visibility in the water has dropped significantly due to the spring bloom of algae, which has arrived earlier than the last years. Visibility is at the moment less than 6 meters, which means that we have to get as close as 4 meter form the whale to achieve sharp images. A difficult task, in which we have only managed to obtain usable footage of the tail. The good thing is that air temperature is higher (but water still at -1.5 degrees C), but we’d rather have bad weather and good visibility… We don’t expect the conditions to improve but are very content with what we’ve achieved this season.

Bowhead head. Photo: J. Thormar



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