Posted by: Team - Bowhead whale | April 2, 2010

Swimming with bowheads!

Today we made an effort to go out with our research vessel Porsild and 3 dinghies. Unfortunately, the wind was too strong and the waves too high for us to be able to listen or record any sound. Therefore, two dinghies returned home shortly but Camilla and Aningaaq continued to Laksebugt to meet up with Porsild. Our divers Martin and Jonas were onbard Porsild, ready to try to get closer to the whales. It was tricky to approach the whales due to all the waves but on the second attempt we managed to maneuver fairly close to one bowhead with the dinghy. Martin and Jonas jumped into the water and swam in full speed towards the whale. They got really close and hopefully got some shots before the whale made a beautiful fluke-up, lifting its tail high above their heads!!!

Swimming with bowheads! Photo: C. Ilmoni

Jonas and Martin staying warm while waiting for the whales. Photo: C. Ilmoni


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