Posted by: Team - Bowhead whale | March 30, 2010

Dog sledge championships and Greenlandic polka

Our research team has grown from 4 people to 6 when Jonas and Martin arrived on Thursday. They are here to film the bowhead whales underwater but will be also giving a hand in biopsy collection and acoustic recordings. Windy weather kept us away from the sea but luckily the Greenlandic championship in dog sleigh driving was in town and we had a chance to see it. Altogether 33 dog teams had met up – five best drivers with their dogs from the different towns in Western Greenland. It was a long walk up to the start point in fresh wind and soft snow but the view was worth it. 33 teams lined up in a long line at the start of the Valley of the Wind, there was tension in the air and the dogs jumped up and down eager to run. At 12 o’clock the competition started and all the teams raced into the valley.

Close to the finish line. Photo: C. Ilmoni

We returned to town to wait for the competitors by the finish line. Ca 2 hours later, the winner appeared on the finish line with the whole town cheering. All participants were lifted in their sledges holding the Greenlandic flag, not only the three best competitors.

Happy participant. Photo: C. Ilmoni

The championship was celebrated afterwards with a big dinner and a big after party in the local sports hall. The dinner tickets were unfortunately sold out but luckily we managed to get tickets for the ‘dansemik’. We were prepared for dancing traditional Greenlandic polka but ended up shaking to local rock n’ roll.  The most eager party animals found their way home 04:30 in the morning…



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