Posted by: Team - Bowhead whale | March 15, 2010

Rare sighting

On Sunday the scenery had changed to more ice free waters and we packed our equipment and headed towards Diskofjord with R/V Porsild. Earlier during the week, hunters had spotted a group of bowheads close to Diskofjord and we were hoping to find the whales. Offshore from Blåfjell we encountered a couple of bowheads and we hopped into our dingy to get closer and listen to them. We could hear two individuals singing and we got some recordings and also ID-pictures of the whales.

Outi using 'false ears' to listen to the bowheads. Photo: C. Ilmoni

On the way home again, we saw something quite rare for this area, there was a juvenile bowhead whale together with an adult. We hope that the pair will stay in this area in order for us to record their sound and take ID-pictures of them. We also stopped close to Fortunabay where we had seen whales the previous day. Two bowheads were in the area but they did not sing.



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