Posted by: Team - Bowhead whale | March 5, 2010

First bowhead whale sighting!

Bowhead far away! Photo: C. Ilmoni

This morning Abel and Tarfi called with good news – there was a bowhead whale right outside our town! We gathered our recording equipment and drove out to Qaqqaliaq. We got the hydrophone down in haste … but the whale was not saying anything. Not a word. We even saw the bowhead, our first one for this season, about 5 km away where it made a fluke up dive and disappeared. And, continued to be silent.

Luckily a local man could tell of many bowhead whales further west close to the mouth of Disko fjord so our plan now is to sail out with RV Porsild, our research vessel, and head west. We are hoping that this group of whales is more talkative and we would get our first proper recordings.



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